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Christoph Niemann, Germany
John Burgerman, United Tastes of America
Oliver Jeffers, New York
Oliver Jeffers, New York
Oliver Jeffers, New York

Then follow these steps

1. Download your favorite postcard, and print it on thick paper. On the back, add the address on the right and a message on the left (apply stamp)

2. Mail the postcards to your representatives.

Find your member in the House of Representatives here.

Find your Senator here.

3. Before putting your postcard in the mailbox, join our social media campaign. Use the hashtag #LoveLetterAmerica and tag @LoveLetterAmerica on Instagram. You can also tag your Senator/Representative.

4. Mail your letter and ask your friends to join you.

5. Repeat! Why send one postcard when you can send many.

The most important piece is the language you add to the work. Whether you want to express your support for free speech, health care, the environment, national security, climate action, human rights, oversight, judicial respect…
you now have a platform to do so.

Thank you for joining us